A downloadable game for Windows

A demo of a platformer which is still in the very early stage of development.

In this demo, you can complete one quest, while getting trough three types of enemies with the help of three items.

Xbox controller is supported.


  • A-D/Left-Right on the D-pad => movement
  • W/Up on the D-pad => interaction
  • J/A => jump
  • K/X => run
  • L/B => pick up items
  • 1-2-3/LB-RB-LT => use items
  • ALT+Eenter/Start => switching between full screen and windowed mode
  • Esc/Back (and, of course, the red X on the window) => quit

Item usage:

  • Red flower => refills one stamina
  • Orange flower => refills energy (also becomes tireless for a short time)
  • Apple => place on the ground for the hedgehogs to eat

The music is made by Visager.

Install instructions

Extract the downloaded "zip" file, then play the game by starting "Alone_in_the_Forest.exe" in the root directory.

On the first launch Windows might block the game. Just add it to the exceptions, and it should run fine. (On Windows 8.1, for example, you have to click "Show more", then "Run anyway" when the warning message shows up.)


Alone_in_the_Forest.zip 11 MB


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using up not only to interact with npcs but also scroll through the text is terrible
no way to speed up said text, you can only skip to the next box
jump height is always the same regardless of how long you hold the jump button
no way to defeat enemies
crashed after like 3 minutes of play

Thank you for your feedback! The things you've mentioned were questions to me. I was thinking about implementing them the way you've mentioned (jumping, text, adding a weapon maybe), but went with this now to see how they work and how people receive them. Thank you for mentioning the crash! It's very helpful to know about that.

Cute graphics! Couldn't quite get used to the controls though (up to interact, eh)

Thank you for your video feedback! It was really insightful to understand how the game plays.